Make Your mini Photo Game

Cartoon Photo Game Template

Game Type : Single picture of puzzle game

This template will create one cartoonized copy of your photo and create a funny cartoon photo game. Once the player finishes all rounds of the game, the cartoonized and dying character will return to life and magically transform into the original photo.

Mosaic Photo Game Template

Game Type : Multi-picture of puzzle game

This template will create two mosaics of your photo and make a funny Mosaic Removal Photo Game. In order to totally remove mosaic from your photo, players have to finish all rounds of the game to reveal your original photo.

Blank Game


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Unregistered users are allowed to create mini games, but we recommend that you sign up for a free account. With a free account, you can easily manage all of your photos and mini games in your personal account.

Photo Game

You can easily make your own mini game with your photos and invite your friends to play online. You can show the winner an interesting image and text message as a reward.

Photo games made by you are not available to everyone. You can set an Invite Code to protect your game, and anyone who visits your game will be asked for the Invite Code before they can see and play your game. You can send the Invite Code exclusively to your friends.


Upload Image Limits

  • File Format : jpg, png
  • Maximum File Size : 500KB
  • Minimum Image Size : 300 x 300 pixels


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